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Gear We Used to Hike to Half Dome

half dome subdomeBy Heather

Much of the hiking gear I own now was mostly purchased in anticipation of hiking to Half Dome and beyond that.
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half dome top

Half Dome Training Tips

By Heather

Plenty of people have done the Half Dome hike with zero training, and it’s certainly possible to do. But getting physically prepared for the hike will make everything much easier on yourself and better your chances of getting to the top.

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subdome half dome

A Non-Hiker’s Reflections on Half Dome

By Darren

I’ll admit it: Hiking isn’t my thing.

Oh, I don’t dislike hiking. I just think there’s a clear winner between getting up at 4 in the morning on a perfectly good Saturday to scale the side of a mountain, returning filthy and sore and spending the day off enjoying eggs benedict and bottomless mimosas on a sun-drenched patio.

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half dome glacier point

Project Half Dome: Permits Secured

By Heather

All the time we’ve been planning our Half Dome hike this summer, we’ve also known that it could be for nothing if we didn’t get the permits we needed.

Huzzah! It wasn’t for nothing! I returned to work after a week of vacation to find an email from Yosemite saying we’re all set! Nothing I’ve done to prepare makes it feel as real as this. We’re going!

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sawyer water filter

Project Half Dome: Affordable Water Filter

By Heather

Whether we’re going to actually enjoy backpacking is still very much up in the air. That’s why my main goal – aside from the goal of making it to the top of Half Dome – is to do it as affordably as possible.

One thing that can get spendy is water filtration systems. You can spend $20 or you can spend $200. I choose $20, please!

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mustad fishing gloves half dome

Project Half Dome: Really Super Grippy Gloves

By Heather

One thing no one should climb Half Dome without is some crazy grippy gloves. You’ll want them both to protect your hands and prevent yourself from plummeting to your death while ascending the cables.

I’ve had my eye out for an affordable but sticky pair for a while. You can actually get some decent ones at hardware stores for just a few dollars. Ever the cheapskate, though, I kept my eyes open for a deal. That’s when I stumbled across these fishing gloves. Although they’re out of stock, any type of glove like this will do the job.

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Review: Cascade Mountain Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

By Heather

I couldn’t decide whether to call this a review or a Project Half Dome post. It’s a little of both!

Oh, man. How much do I love using hiking poles?! I beg forgiveness for ever having made fun of people using them. We get it: You’re a hiker. You like to hike. You simply can’t be like everyone else and propel yourself forward using your mere legs.

I can be a tad judge-y, I admit it.

But then, I purchased the Cascade Mountain Tech Ultra Light Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles with Quick Lock.

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