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Review: Hydaway Water Bottle

me drinking from hydaway bottleBy Heather

hydaway bottle attached to daypackFor my birthday last year, my very thoughtful mom hooked me up with four months of Cairn, which I have been meaning to talk about. Have you tried it? My short review is that it’s awesome.

One of my favorite things came in the first box: a collapsible Hydaway bottle.

It’s the perfect collapsible bottle, in my opinion. When I climbed Mt. Whitney in 2015, I loaded up on these plastic bottles, all of which eventually sprung a leak after just a few uses. The Hydaway is made of silicone and feels much sturdier than those flimsy things.

hydaway bottle collapsed in daypackIf you wan to hook it to your pack, it has a handle on the lid. If you have any water left when you’re done, the 21 oz. size (the largest one, which is what Cairn sent) will fit neatly into your cup holder.

The wide mouth makes it easy to clean, and it’s dishwasher safe if you put it on the top rack. When you’re done using it, it collapses completely flat.

It also comes in handy at the airport, where you’re forced to lug around an empty bottle that does nothing but take up space until you get through security and can fill it up. Now to can drop the Hydaway into your bag and not worry about it until you need it.

The bottle can be found on the Hydaway website and Amazon.


Two—Two—Canopy Reviews in One!

By Darren

If you’re camping in the desert, a good, reliable canopy is a must.

Obviously, canopies come in handy for any camping situation and in locales in which temperatures remain below triple digits. But when you’re in the California desert, and the sun finally clears whatever formations have provided you and your fellow campers with merciful morning shade, you’re going to want a canopy to hide under.

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Review: Cascade Mountain Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

By Heather

I couldn’t decide whether to call this a review or a Project Half Dome post. It’s a little of both!

Oh, man. How much do I love using hiking poles?! I beg forgiveness for ever having made fun of people using them. We get it: You’re a hiker. You like to hike. You simply can’t be like everyone else and propel yourself forward using your mere legs.

I can be a tad judge-y, I admit it.

But then, I purchased the Cascade Mountain Tech Ultra Light Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles with Quick Lock.

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eco fused waterproof iphone case

Updated Review: Waterproof Smartphone Case

By Darren

While I think we were both initially taken with the waterproof smartphone cases, the bloom is decidedly off the rose at this point.

Over time, the snaps that seal the case have become virtually impossible to open. I don’t know if it’s an accumulation of sea salt or that I haven’t been eating my spinach, but I have actually bent a butter knife trying to pry this thing open. So the next time you drop your phone into the pouch and seal it, it might be the last time you ever touch your phone with your bare hands.

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merrell grasshopper air hiking shoes

Project Half Dome: Proper Hiking Shoes

By Heather

Up until just a couple weeks ago, I had been hiking in the same shoes I wear to the gym. They’re not even proper shoes for me to begin with, since they’re actually running shoes, and I make it a point of not running too much. I know, I’ve always had a problem with suitable footwear.

But at some point, common sense kicked in and I thought, “Self, you need to get a proper pair of hiking shoes if you’re going to be serious about it.”

There is just no way I could climb Half Dome, Mount Whitney or even Mount Baldy in my flimsy pink runners.

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