Return to Mishe Mokwa

By Heather

Our visit to Mishe Mokwa was not intended.

We woke up early and drove a long, long way to our intended destination: La Jolla Canyon in Point Mugu State Park.

Sure wish I had checked this first.

That’s right. The trail has been closed for years and parts of the trail are entirely washed out. Too bad, because it sounds like it was once a delightful hike. Also, who’s been paying attention? Not me.

Fortunately, the Mishe Mokwa Trail is just down the road and I was a hike I knew Darren would enjoy in both scenery and length (on the shorter side).

It was a gorgeous day with all the right things: not too hot, not too cold, not too many people.



Afterward, we hit Neptune’s Net and had breakfast on the patio, believing the whole time that it just looked like the place in “Point Break” but was not the actual place

It was the actual place. So, I guess we have to go back.