Lost Horse Mine Trail

By Heather

Confession: Not every hike is awesome. So far, I’ve been fortunate that most hikes are very awesome, but every so often there’s a dud in there.

It’s my own fault that I didn’t enjoy the hike to Lost Horse Mine more than I should have: I misunderstood the mileage given.

Lost Horse Mine was a gold mine in the late 1800s. Now it’s preserved by the National Park Service.

This very popular trail is a loop, but most people hike to the main attraction – the mine – and then turn around. It’s four miles round trip.

We did the loop, which is two miles longer. That’s a lot when you’re only expecting four.

Boy, did I grumble. And since Darren was with me, he got an earful of my complaining.

And yes, I know that complaining about the length of such a short trek seems ridiculous from someone who isn’t truly happy unless it’s a double-digit mileage hike that has you totally spent at the end.

But two miles you weren’t expecting is a lot on the trail. I don’t know what it is, but things that feel short in the real world can feel very long in the wilderness.

Now that I look back at the pictures, I have to admit this hike was really pretty with some stunning views of the desert landscape.

I’ll do it again, maybe, and I’ll be mentally prepared next time.

Grumble, grumble.


The ruins of a home that belonged to someone who worked at the mine.


Debris at Lost Horse Mine.