cucamonga peak

Whitney Training: Cucamonga Peak

By Heather

A few weeks ago, training for Mt. Whitney began in earnest. I’ve been hiking as much as possible (which is not as often as I’d like, frankly) and doing tough leg and cardio endurance workouts at the gym. All I can do now is what I’m able and cross my fingers that it’s enough!

Our first official training hike was up to Cucamonga Peak, one of my favorites.

As you can see, Darren got the iconic shot on the outcropping that people have one of two reactions to:

a) I’m going to throw up


b) I must do that

I didn’t quite get my shot, so we’ll be back soon.

This is the first hike on which I got to test out my trusty new Teton daypack.

The early, short review is: I love this thing!

I was initially disappointed in it when it first arrived. It looked way too small.

It’s not, though. It’s just compact, and I also like that it forces me to really be thoughtful about what I carry.

But more on this thing later. I have so much to say.

The total stats on this hike were: 33,661 steps; 14.53 miles; 7 hours, 14 minutes. See more hikes in the hiking log ›

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