Hiking Jackassery: Leaving Your Dog Poop Behind

By Heather

Bad dog owners make me angry.

On our way back down from Cucamonga Peak a couple weekends ago, we saw several of these:


That’s dog poop. In a bag.

Someone decided to bring their dog on a hike and responsibly pack poop backs for said dog.

Their dog pooped, they took out a bag, picked up the poop, tied the bag… and then just left it on the ground.

What is the matter with these people?! Why would you go to all that trouble, just to miss the point entirely and leave the bagged poop on the ground like so much garbage? I’d rather people just leave the dog poop behind unwrapped – it would disintegrate faster than it would all bagged up, biodegradable bag or not.

We saw the bags in multiple colors, so it was probably more than one person thoughtfully bagging up poop and then thoughtlessly dropping it where they stood.

If you do this, please stop.

If you see someone do it, ask them why they come to enjoy nature only to trash it and ruin it for everyone else. If you see a bag and have room, pick it up yourself and dispose of it properly.

Some people.