heather darren mt. wilson

Hiking Chantry Flats to Mt. Wilson (With Some Company)

By Heather

Our hike to Half Dome is coming up quickly! It’s one of those things we’ve been talking about so long that I’ve passed the point of believing it will ever actually happen. We’ll just talk about it and plan for it for the rest of our lives.

The first training hike was supposed to be another stab at Ontario and Bighorn Peaks, but a springtime storm and snow foiled those plans. Mt. Wilson it was.

Darren made a rare appearance on one of my hikes, but since he’s climbing Half Dome and Mt. Whitney too, he’s ready to do some leg-killing mountain work to get in shape for them. He also got some hiking poles (the same as mine, Cascade Mountain Tech), but I don’t have the heart to tell him this isn’t how you walk with them.

We took the Lower Falls trail from Chantry Flats, then mistakenly took the far less pretty Upper Falls trail on the way back. If you go right now, take the Lower Falls! The waterfalls are all going and it’s so pretty. Plus, ducks!

When we got up to the summit, we were just a notch above the clouds. I was also relieved to see that as disappointing it was to change our plans, the eastern San Gabriel peaks were all covered in snow.

baldy view from mt. wilson

View of Baldy from Mt. Wilson.

I forgot how tough this hike gets after you pass Spruce Grove Group Campground. It gets nice and steep, and pretty much stays that way until you reach the summit. My legs were burning, which is what I’m going for these days!

Stats: 35,388 steps; 15.41 miles; 7:02 hours; 510 floors