view cucamonga peak trail

Ice House Canyon to Cucamonga Peak II

By Heather

Darren and I had Veterans Day off and no plans to do anything, so I decided to head for the hills once more to Cucamonga Peak. Given how busy the trail can be and the timing of the holiday this year and the decent weather, it seemed like a good time go again.

icehouse canyon cucamonga peak

The ice houses blend in so well with the scenery that I noticed a few more this time that I had missed the first time. This one is fairly early on.

ducks cucamonga peak

There’s a brief stretch where you lose the trail, and these cairns will save you. I had a hard time spotting them the first time doing this hike, but this time I noticed them all over. They were so helpful.

Apparently, they’re also controversial. Some people think they violate the “leave no trace” ethos, which… okay? I guess. But it’s rocks stacked up. It’s not vandalism, isn’t human waste or garbage and it isn’t taking anything. These people also seem to think that they should be knocked over at any opportunity. No one seems to be bothered by the signage throughout the trail, though…

Anyway. As someone who gets lost really easily, you’d be sending me to a certain death if you knocked them over. Hope you can live with blood on your hands!

cucamonga peak trail

Follow this trail from Ice House Saddle. The best part about the saddle is that you’re well past halfway there – you just hiked 3.7 miles, only another 2.4 to go!

view cucamonga peak trail

About 20 minutes after leaving the saddle, I noticed the clouds. Holy cow!

cucamonga peak sign

If you read the last post about Cucamonga Peak, you might recall the handmade sign that gave me pause. Now I have proof of how sketchy it looked. Would you trust this thing? It looks like instead of the peak, there’s a guy with a chainsaw waiting for you at the end.

This is the last .2 miles, and then you’re there.

cucamonga peak clouds

Would you look at that? Incredible. The only other time I’ve seen a view like that is from an airplane.

There were a few patches of ice around close to the summit. By the next time I’ll be free to go, it’ll be too cold and icy. It was already chilly at the very top – in the high 40s and windy.

At the summit, I attempted a few unimpressive selfies with a small tripod, had a snack, then went home to another planet.

cucamonga peak