sawyer water filter

Project Half Dome: Affordable Water Filter

By Heather

Whether we’re going to actually enjoy backpacking is still very much up in the air. That’s why my main goal – aside from the goal of making it to the top of Half Dome – is to do it as affordably as possible.

One thing that can get spendy is water filtration systems. You can spend $20 or you can spend $200. I choose $20, please!

That’s why I was really excited to find this filtration system available at a store with the initials W-M. Not proud, but they have an amazing camping gear selection at great prices – everywhere else, from Target to REI, either doesn’t have much of a selection or what they do have is for hikers who are also apparently really rich.

I had this baby with me on a hike to Mt. San Gorgonio recently and it was perfect! I was running low on water with about 3 miles to go on the trail. I passed a stream with some little waterfalls, filled up my bottle and attached the filter. Boom – fresh, ice cold, refreshing mountain water! I passed some rangers on the way down, and even they were impressed by the simple setup. It’s perfect for a day hiker.

System pros

What I like about this system is:

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