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Hiking Los Liones to Eagle Rock… Again

By Heather

So, Los Liones. It’s near and dear to my heart because it was the first hike I ever did that I considered “hard.” Los Liones to Parker Mesa is a solid 8.5 miles round trip. If you want to take the trail to Eagle Rock (the actual rock named for the city), it clocks in closer to 16 miles.

I still enjoy this trail for a lot of reasons, not least of which is the ocean view for a good portion of the way.

I’ve spent all summer trying to make it to Eagle Rock, though, and can’t figure out why I just can’t get there. Twice, I ran out of time (on each hike, I give myself a target ending time) and this last time a couple weekends ago… I just got bored, tired of walking. Done. I did make it farther than I ever have before, but it occurred to me that the trail just isn’t very interesting compared to the other trails I’ve started doing. It’s a fire road. Not very shady. Definitely no bighorn sheep.

It is pretty.

But I think that it’s a sign that I need to find a new trail close to home. This one just isn’t inspiring me anymore.

That’s not to say it’s bad. I started this hike in the dark, and by the time I made it to the first rest spot that overlooks Santa Monica, the sun was waking up:


So pretty, right?

Sadly, the view in person is never matched by the photos. If you like these photos, definitely catch the live act:


Until we meet again, Los Liones…

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