eco fused waterproof iphone case

Updated Review: Waterproof Smartphone Case

By Darren

While I think we were both initially taken with the waterproof smartphone cases, the bloom is decidedly off the rose at this point.

Over time, the snaps that seal the case have become virtually impossible to open. I don’t know if it’s an accumulation of sea salt or that I haven’t been eating my spinach, but I have actually bent a butter knife trying to pry this thing open. So the next time you drop your phone into the pouch and seal it, it might be the last time you ever touch your phone with your bare hands.

While the sound quality was pretty good at first, the audio coming out of our videos now sounds like “Muffle. Muffle. Scrape, scritch, scrape. Pop! Muffled pop. Scrape.”

You get what you pay for, as they say, so if I had to do it all over again – and given how these pouches are unusable, we will have to do it all over again – I’d recommend ponying up and buying a better case.

Having said that…

Here’s just how waterproof these cases are.

This past August during a family trip to Catalina, Heather and I were in the middle of our customary kayaking trip when we made our customary stop at a rocky beach to take our customary dip in the bluer-than-blue waters off Catalina Island.

I had put my phone in the pocket of my trunks so that I could better swim around. About 25 yards from the beach, I reached into my pocket so that I could take a photo of Heather standing on the shore and… Gone. My phone had floated right out of my pocket and was now lying on the bottom of the ocean.

After returning to the beach and letting loose a torrent of swear words, I resigned myself to my iPhone being the latest addition to Davey Jones’ locker and that I’d have to purchase a new one once on the mainland.

Flash forward to around 5 p.m. the next day. Heather and I had just sat down to a couple of Maker’s on the rocks at The Marlin Club when Heather’s cell phone started ringing. Who was calling? According to the display, it was me.

Heather answered. “Hello? Yes. What? You’re kidding me! Yes! Where are you? We’ll be right there!”

After hanging up, Heather told me that the caller was a guy who had been snorkeling with his girlfriend along the beach where we had parked our kayaks the day before. An object on the ocean floor caught his eye, he swam down to see what it was and it turned out to be my phone!

I was thrilled but torn. As grateful (not to mention amazed) as I was, I had just started my Maker’s.

Twenty minutes later, my iPhone and I were reunited. Not only was the phone perfectly dry, the battery was at 51 percent!

What really floored me about this whole thing was that my phone had been retrieved by the most honest and humble snorkeler in the history of snorkeling. Anyone else would have pocketed the phone and beat a hasty retreat to sell it on Craigslist. Not only did this guy do the right thing and return it, he flat out refused a reward. I had to force a twenty into the guy’s hand.

Where was I going with all this? Oh. Right. This sucky case is super waterproof.