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2016 Camping Gift Guide

By Heather

Is there a camper in your life? I can guarantee your camper likes new gear and is always looking to add to the mix or upgrade some old stuff.

Try one of these ideas on for size:

1. Handmade things. Campers can never have too much warm weather gear, and it’s even better when it’s handmade by someone you love: Gloves, hats, scarves, socks. If you’re a knitter, knit your favorite camper something! Don’t knit? There’s always sewing. Whip up a flannel pillowcase or shirt, or sew some dish towels or pajamas! Don’t forget food, too. Granola, pancake mixes, etc.

perfect campfire grill2. The Perfect Campfire Grill. If your camper likes to cook on the fire ring – burgers, steaks, vegetables, fish – get them this and get ready for some raves. We use ours all the time and it’s a must-have on every trip. And it was a gift to us! Our review of The Perfect Campfire Grill.

3. Hammock Bliss. This hammock is super light and packs down to the size of a cantaloupe, making it perfect for backpackers and car campers alike. We use it all the time. Swaying in this hammock is dreamy. Our review of Hammock Bliss.

ranger doug general grant poster

Ranger Doug

4. Ranger Doug prints. These posters are amazingly beautiful and even more vibrant in person than they are on the website. We have one for Kings Canyon (left) in our home; my parents have Sequoia in theirs. My desk is plastered with the note cards, which get a ton of compliments. I want to cover my car in those stickers. If you know someone who’s a national park enthusiast, anything from Ranger Doug will make a great gift for them. Ranger Doug’s online store.

5. REI French Press. Making coffee outdoors is one of life’s great pleasures. It’s even better with this handy French press. This item is one of those that comes along on every single camping trip, because it would be a disaster without it. Get the REI French press here.

6. Manual coffee mill. If you know a coffee freak who also is a coffee snob, then a manual coffee grinder might be just the thing for that perfect cup. Get it at Uncommon Goods.

7. Hanging Camp Cupboard. We hate how quickly a campsite can become a disorganized mess if you’re not on top of it. This camp cupboard keeps your picnic table from being the repository of all of your crap! Get the hanging cupboard at Cabela’s.

8. Coleman LED string lights. Because they’re adorable, duh! Get them here.

bugaboo base camper cookset review gift idea

9. Bugaboo Cook Set. We use and love the large Bugaboo Base Camper (our review here). It’s one of the best camping purchases we’ve ever made. The set looks so pretty, cleans easily, packs together neatly and goes into a nice storage bag that doubles as a wash bin. We haven’t used it for dishes, but it’s good to know if we ever need to. Get the Bugaboo Base Camper here.

10. Playaboule Lighted Bocce Ball set. Camping and lighted things go hand in hand. It’s something fun to do after the sun goes down and you can take cool time lapse photos. Get the lighted bocce ball set here!

coleman camp oven

11. Coleman Camp Oven. Baking while camping isn’t the easiest thing. It can be done, but why fuss with the campfire when you can control the heat in your very own camping oven? That folds completely flat? You know you want it! It’s easy to use, too. Just put it on top of your camping stove, mind the temperature on the gauge and soon there will be baked goods for everyone except the people who make fun of you for having this (there will be those people!) Get the camp oven here.


12. Stanley flask. The makers of our favorite coffee thermos – we bring two two work every day and love to use them on road trips, too – now make a flask to celebrate your latest adventure.

guide to hiking mt whitney13. Books. The other great pleasure in life is swaying in a hammock with a good book. Why not gift your camper with books from other lovers of nature? The Journals of Lewis and Clark are a great pick. John Muir’s musings are pure poetry. I love the One Best Hike series, too; their books on Mt. Whitney and Half Dome were indispensable!

14. Topographic water bottle. These topographic water bottles are sweet! Darren has one for Yosemite. It’s sturdy, durable and the cap locks on super tight, so that sucker isn’t going anywhere. And it’s a pretty way to show off your favorite park. Get the topographic water bottle here.

15. Turtle Fur hat and neck warmerI wore both while climbing Mt. Whitney recently – a place where it gets colder and windier the higher you go. It’s the kind of icy wind and that slices through your clothing and mocks you for your feeble attempts to stay warm. But Turtle Fur… Turtle Fur gives the wind the cold and the middle finger. It deftly blocks both. Not even a hint of breeze gets by. The Turtle Fur neck warmer can be pulled up high to cover your nose or down low to cover your neck. The Turtle Fur hat can be similarly adjusted to cover your ears, or be rolled up. Both are great gifts, extremely affordable and very lightweight.

If there’s a gift you’ve gotten and loved, please share! We’re always looking for cool stuff.

Disclosure: When you click one of the links above to purchase an item, we get a tiny commission that will in no way enable us to quit our day jobs and roll around in our piles of cash.