Revisiting: How to Wash Your Dishes at Camp

By Heather

A few months back, I wrote a post about how to wash your dishes at camp. But the post was only minimally helpful because I didn’t include photos.

Well, now I have photos.

This is our dish washing station. As I’ve said before, we typically organize our campsite by placing all dish washing/hand washing stuff at one end of the picnic table. The other end is for cooking.


Darren hates being cold, so he always warms up a pot of water to throw in with the dishwater to make it more tolerable. Not that I particularly enjoy being cold, but this one is optional for me.

Once you have a bin full of dirty, food-encrusted dishes, you’re ready to start washing them.

Heat up the water, pour half in the rinsing bin, half in the dirty dishes bin and get to work. Usually one person washes while the other one dries. But if you don’t have a drying person, that’s okay – just leave your stuff to dry in the sun.

camping washing dishes

If you’d rather avoid the whole dish washing thing entirely, just follow some of these handy tips!