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Project Half Dome: Making Reservations in Yosemite

By Heather

Step two in Project Half Dome is making reservations in Yosemite National Park.

Obviously, make your reservations where you wish. Many people planning to climb Half Dome stay in Curry Village, since it’s closest to the trailhead.

We’ll be staying down the road in our old favorite: Housekeeping Camp.

How to make reservations in Yosemite

Whether you’re taking on Half Dome or not, here are some tips for making reservations according to what I’ve read on the internets. You may have seen these, too:

  • Reservations open up one year plus one day in advance.
  • The website does not have the live inventory.
  • If you call the reservation line directly at 801-559-4884, you will have better luck.

Now, here are some tips based on my personal experience just a couple weeks ago:

  • Reservations definitely open up one year plus one day in advance, so plan way ahead.
  • Calling the reservation line, which opens at 7 a.m. Pacific, often leads to long waits on hold and no one ever picks up. Ever.
  • The website works totally fine for reservations. After a combined hour sitting on hold, I just went to the site, booked Housekeeping and my confirmation was sent a few minutes after that.

Damn you, phone! I’ve never liked you anyway!

Making reservations if you’re climbing Half Dome

Obtaining permits to climb Half Dome can be competitive, so our strategy is to book a couple different weeks in Yosemite to better our chances.

When applying for permits, you’re allowed to choose several dates. Once we know which dates we’re climbing, the unused reservations will be canceled (which costs $10).

I’ll probably book another week in July, and from there, our fingers will have to be crossed that one of these weeks nets us a date on the cables!