How to Save Water While Camping

By Heather

Many campgrounds feature water spigots dispensing clean, drinkable water for your thirst, cooking and cleaning needs.

But water is never a given and there may be times when you’ll have to conserve resources. Two examples spring to mind:

  • Freak rainstorms in Joshua Tree aside, California is in a really severe drought right now. Most counties are under water restrictions.
  • Not every campground has water and you will need to bring your own in, and supplies are not always within easy distance.

Always check on the water situation wherever you’re camping before you leave home so you can come prepared.

5 Ways to Save Water

paper plates

1. Paper plates. We used to bring our melamine plates camping before wising up. That’s just more dishes to do after your meals! Bring paper plates and throw them on the fire instead.

plastic utensils

2. Disposable utensils. Okay, I’m not exactly proud to be using plastic at the moment, but we bought these way early on before we knew about far more environmentally friendly cutlery, such as the biodegradable sets from Green Paper Products. So, use something like those instead.

hand wipes

3. Hand wipes or antibacterial gel. You’re going to want to clean your hands after a visit to the vault toilet, trust me. Save water and clean up with hand wipes, baby wipes or antibacterial gel.

bugaboo cookset teflon coating camping cookware

4. Teflon-coated pans. Teflon-coated pans will save you a ton of water and cleaning time. Trying to scrub out cast iron when you’re rationing sucks. Our Bugaboo cookset is a Teflon-coated dream. Read our review here.

steaks perfect campfire grill

5. Food you can throw directly on the grill. Sausages, corn on the cob, Jiffy Pop, s’mores, steak, asparagus. Cook your sides and meals in foil. That includes chicken, fish, potatoes, peppers. Wooden skewers are also great for this, as well. Eliminate as much chopping as you can or do it in advance at home, since chopping equals dishes. We use The Perfect Campfire Grill to control how the food cooks while still being able to place it directly over the fire. Our review is here.