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Turn Down Your Music When You’re Camping

By Heather

There’s a new category here for you: Camping Jackassery!

The idea came to us while we were sitting around the fire ring, as most good ideas do. Oh, if only this category had existed when our neighbors were line dancing in the middle of the street in Wheeler Gorge!

The inspiration for this came from our neighbors last weekend, who sought to escape the noise and bustle of the big city to create some of their own in Big Sur. I shot some video, though I don’t think it really conveys how annoying the music was:

Granted, was this the most egregious thing? No. It wasn’t. But the thing is, your noise should not extend beyond your campsite. No one should be hearing your music at anything other than a faint level if they’re not actually at your site.

The other inspiration were the previous occupants of the site, who tossed wooden skewers and cigarette butts on the ground. Right next to a fire. These might be the same people who bag up their dog’s poop and then leave the poop on the ground in the bag.

So! Close!