coleman single burner stove review

Review: Coleman Single-Burner Stove

By Heather

This, my friends, is a camping essential. It’s a little stove!

On most camping trips, we bring a larger two-burner stove, plus this thing. The large stove is usually for cooking food, while we use the single-burner stove to heat water for coffee or to do dishes. It’s quick, it’s easy and we love it.

This burner is also ideal for a few camping scenarios, including:

  • When you are not allowed to have a fire at your campsite. You’ll have to find other sources of heat for your cooking needs.
  • When you have to hike in a long way to your site. It will be much easier with a single burner instead of a large, bulky stove.
  • When you have a large group and just need extra burners for cooking.

Propane tanks

A single propane tank used with this stove should last several hours, give or take depending on the elevation and how high you’re burning the flame.

With larger flames and at higher elevations, the propane will burn out faster, so always bring extra. We try to have at least three full tanks with us on every trip. It’s not anything you want to be caught without!

When your tank is empty, do not toss it in the garbage (or the fire). Not all of the propane gets expelled and it could become explosive. We are all for explosive things, but not the kind that results in injury or death. Take your used tanks to a recycling center in your area. Some campgrounds (like Housekeeping in Yosemite) will take them for you, which is nice.

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