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Review: Bugaboo Cookset

By Heather

Did we need the Bugaboo Base Camp cook set? Not exactly. We have been using my dad’s hand-me-down pots and pans for camping and they’ve worked great. There were just some downsides we could not get past: All the space they took up, they just didn’t nest very neatly, were hard to clean and one of the skillets had a fussy handle that never stayed on.

I know! We suffer so in this life…

So, when we got some birthday gift cards for REI, we knew it had to be done. Behold, the large Bugaboo Base Camper. It comes with:

  • Two lids with strainers
  • Two pots
  • One skillet
  • Cutting board
  • Removable handles
  • Storage bag that doubles as a dish-washing basin

Best of all, everything fits neatly together and goes into the bag.

You can pretty much do anything with this little set – even make pasta.


And just so you can see how pretty it all looks in action, here is our skillet cooking eggs. And that reminds me: The fact that it nests is not the best part. The best part is the easy cleanup! Nothing sticks to these suckers.


Two important tips:

bugaboo cookset teflon coating camping cookware

  • On the larger pots, there are two orange handles. When you use the pots, make sure those handles are up and out, otherwise they’ll melt.
  • To prevent the surface of the pots and pans from getting scuffed, wrap the handles in a piece of paper towel or something similarly soft. Otherwise they’re just loose and will bang around.

Check out the GSI website for their full line of Bugaboo stuff. They have more extensive cook sets and more pared-down ones for backpackers, as well. Their products are great quality – we’re big fans of their gigantic coffee mugs, too!

*That last line sounded sponsored but a) Bugaboo and GSI have no idea who I am and b) I just really, really love this cook set and would recommend it to anyone!

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