10 Ways to Have a Good Time While Camping

By Heather

One of the most common questions we get about camping is “What do you do all day?”

Everything and nothing, my friends. Everything and nothing.

1. The main thing is, we fire corks out of bottles. And we put anything we can think of into the fire.

2.  Play games! Card games, Scattergories, Apples to Apples, Scrabble.

3. Sit around the picnic table, eat snacks and just have a conversation. It’s one of the rare times these days where everyone is fully engaged and not on their phones. Enjoy it!

4. After dark, throw a lighted frisbee or LED ball and take photos using timed exposures.

5. Read and/or nap in the hammock.

6. Mix up some awesome cocktails. Lately, I have been all about the Pimm’s Cup and can’t wait to revive it this summer! There are several variations, including cucumber and lemon, but my favorite uses orange.

To make yours, you will need:

  • Orange slice
  • Ginger beer
  • Pimm’s

Muddle the orange slice at the bottom of your glass. Eyeball about 1.5 ounces of Pimm’s, put some ice in there and finish it off with ginger beer. Refreshing! Try not to drink the entire bottle!

7. Go for a hike. Find a trail with the AllTrails app, which is fantastic. You can bookmark trails, read reviews and tips for trails, and leave your own. Just keep in mind that the last time we tried to combine hiking and camping, Poodle Dog took a bite out of Darren.

8. Whittle wood. I’m not so into this, but Darren is and says it can be very relaxing.

9. Knit. I am into this, but not very good at it, so I leave it to pros like Regina.

10. Bake. Ah. Baking. We’ve had a lot of conversations about baking. They mainly center around whether we actually need a Coleman camp oven, whether a homemade charcoal oven will do or whether the entire idea of having an oven while camping is even remotely practical. From my point of view, yes, it is practical in the sense that you have an entire day to kill while camping. It doesn’t seem so bad to spend some of that time baking a pie, does it Darren and Steve??