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5 Reasons to Take Your Dog Camping

By Heather

If you have a dog and love to camp, you’re in luck. Dogs are welcome in most campgrounds in California and beyond. I don’t understand people who have doubts about bringing their dogs with them, because aside from getting to hang out with your dog, there’s this:

1. They will surprise you in awesome ways
6118097583_c453c99caa_bOn one of our earliest camping trips, in Lake Arrowhead, Rufus totally surprised us by revealing himself to be a hole-digging maniac.

He dug Rufus-sized holes all over that campground. On some trips, he’d put so much effort into his digging that he would grunt and pant. And once he was settled in his hole, he showed himself to be extra clever by sticking his nose in the dirt and flipping it back to create a resting spot for his snout.

Nabby hasn’t been quite as surprising while camping, except for how calm she becomes. She still barks if someone has the nerve to approach our campsite or use the water spigot, but generally, she’s a much chiller version of herself.

Every once in a while, she even attempts to dig a hole. As is fitting for the Queen’s dog, she does a couple of half-hearted scrapes at the dirt before plopping herself down in it.

2. Extra warmth when it’s cold

As demonstrated in the camping disaster post, dogs can be really handy in cold weather. It’s a win-win situation, since they’re going to be cold too. I’m pretty sure I would have died that night if Rufus hadn’t gotten into the sleeping bag with me.

3. Leftovers don’t get wasted

nabby the corgi eating leftover eggs

The downside of this one is that if your dog is smart, like Nabby, it will figure out pretty quickly to take a pass on the raw veggies and to hold out for leftover eggs.

4. It will make you happy

Well, it’ll make you happy if you’re the kind of person who sees your dog as a member of the family. And isn’t it just nicer to have the whole family together on a trip instead of putting your poor dog in a kennel? Yes, it is.

5. They’ll be the source of a lot of funny memories.

nabby the corgi watching outside tent

Every time I see that doggy door in our tent, I remember the morning at Gaviota that Darren and Regina had gotten up early to make breakfast. At one point, Darren looked over at our tent to see Nabby’s face pressed into the door with one eye intently watching them cook.

Okay. That probably wasn’t the most hilarious memory I could come up with, but for a trip that otherwise totally blew, it’s the one thing we can all still laugh about.