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10 Reasons to Love Desert Camping

By Heather

In some parts of the country, when summer ends, so does the camping season.

In California, when summer ends, we take our camping to the desert. In just a few weeks, we’ll be doing that.

And I think it just might be my most favorite camping of all.

  1. It’s oh so quiet. There are few, if any trees, to rustle in the wind. Or attract loud woodpeckers and chirpy birds. The silence in the desert is golden.
  2. It’s cold. I love breaking out my puffy vest, knit caps and mukluks. So cozy.
  3. Fire all day. Since it’s cold, you can have a campfire going all day. Although the cost of wood can add up, sometimes an all-day fire is a nice little luxury.
  4. Cuddles! Dogs, husbands, both!
  5. The stars. Flat landscapes far from city lights mean unbelievable stargazing.
  6. The earned appreciation. Liking mountains is easy. Everyone likes the mountains. They’re all big, tall, impressive, full of views and covered in trees. Whatever, mountains! The desert, in the words of my father-in-law, looks so desolate. Desolate beauty is in the eye of the beholder, methinks.
  7. It was where we first camped. Maybe my particular fondness for the desert comes in part from nostalgia – Darren and I first joined Steve and Regina on a camping trip a week before we got married in May 2011. We fell in love with camping on that trip.
  8. No cell signals. You can usually find some sad little signal out there in the mountains. But in the desert, connectivity is a little harder to come by. And that’s totally fine with me.
  9. No crowds. The desert is vast and there’s room for everyone. In some deserts, you can drive for hours without seeing another soul.
  10. You can pretend you’re on Mars or starring in an episode of “Star Trek.” Or both!