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Review: The Coleman Mallet

By Heather

When we were newbie campers shopping for supplies, we figured the mallet we chose didn’t make much difference. It only has two things to do: Put stakes in the ground and take them out.

This is the mallet we went with. Why?

  • The rubber mallet just seems like it would be more fun to smack stakes with. No, I’m not kidding. I’m practically a simpleton, it’s so easy to entertain me.
  • It is weighty, so I wouldn’t have to throw too much weight into it.
  • The hook at the end is also a nice utilitarian touch.

This mallet works as it should when the ground conditions are ideal – that is, soft to medium.

Its mettle was tested at Wheeler Gorge, however. We were camping on what I swear was a bed of concrete hidden under a thin layer of dirt.

The stakes didn’t go into the ground easily, so when it came time to remove them, it took two people, a cup of water to soften the ground and this mallet.

Sad to say, Wheeler Gorge would be the last action our mallet saw. The metal hook at the end became mangled and eventually came right out, rendering one half of the mallet completely useless.

The better mallet

coleman mallet, mallet review


As it seems with nearly everything involving camping, Steve and Regina chose more wisely with this mallet.

They should consider starting a business that involves personal shopping for campers.

They’ve had this mallet for as long as we’ve been camping with them. It’s made of sturdy, lightweight plastic and there’s no hook to deform.

Alas… There’s no rubber head on this one, so I guess I’ll have to find something else to do for fun.

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