Review: Igloo Cube Rolling Cooler

By Heather

When you camp, you buy a lot of toys. And some of those toys are going to be turkeys. It’s just the law of averages.

Case in point: the Igloo Cube Rolling Cooler. And what a turkey it is!


Look at this piece of garbage.

Darren and I purchased this thing in a state of general sticker shock over the start-up costs of camping.

Sleeping bags, firewood, lanterns… All those little things were adding up to money we didn’t really have. So, we did the smart thing and cheaped out on the cooler. We found this baby for $20 at Target! Aw-w-w, yeah!

A-w-w-w-w-w… no, no, no.

It has the Igloo name, a respected and known brand that generally churns out quality products. Every once in a while, I guess an inspector is sleeping at the switches. Quality control fail!

This thing eats ice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. One time, we left it in my car all day so we could go to work, then head out camping right after.

This particular day was cloudy and cool, and my car was parked in a covered garage, below ground. At the end of the day, we peeked in the cooler: Most of the ice was gone.

Aside from the lack of insulation, this thing is also just a very awkward size and difficult to maneuver. It does, however, hold a lot. Too bad everything it holds won’t be staying cold for any length of time.

Back to the drawing board we go.

We’ve got our eye on this baby right here: 70 quarts of insulated magic. Steve and Regina have a version of this that keeps their ice right where it should be for an entire weekend of camping.

I look forward to not having to run to the store every five minutes to restock our ice supply.

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