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Review: The Perfect Campfire Grill

By Heather

I’m pretty leery of any product that claims to be perfect right there in the name. But the The Perfect Campfire Grill is actually the perfect campfire grill.

Can I get a “What-what!” for accuracy in advertising?

“But,” you say, “don’t you know that fire rings already have grates on them?”

Well, check out the big brains on you!

The problems with fire ring grates are:

  • They tend to not be adjustable.
  • They are often deformed.
  • Occasionally, they are too small.
  • Sometimes, they are all of the above.

perfect campfire grill

The Perfect Campfire Grill remedies all of that. No more waiting for the fire to get to an acceptable level before you begin grilling. No more letting one person in the group go hungry because, too bad, there’s just not enough room for his food (okay, that never happens, but it could!). No more heat-warped grates or too-tiny grills.

But that isn’t all I love about this thing!

  • It comes with its own carrying bag.
  • It also comes with a potholder and oven mitt.
  • Setup is very, very easy – all you need is a mallet and your hands, or someone else’s if you’re busy drinking or something

That’s why, as much as I love our trusty and comfortable hammocks, this is my very most favorite camping item and one we never leave behind.

It has made it possible for us to cook things like cheeseburgers, steaks and kabobs while we camp, and to do so while keeping the fire roaring.

Amazon looks to be sold out of the smaller version of the grill, though it looks like there will be more eventually. Here’s an even larger one that’s still available. OR, you can buy one directly from them!

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